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Pleasant School

March 20, 2014:

Work progresses on the restoration of Pleasant School with employees of Confederated Builders replacing the south face of the building with new construction and insulation. The handicap ramp will also be replaced but the original window framing inside the building and light fixtures are original furnishings. The new bathroom has been roughed in and electrical work has begun. Weather the last two weeks has slowed down the workers but they are still hoping to keep to a 90 day time table for completion. When complete, the building will be climate controlled year round.

The Pleasant Center School is available to groups in the community for educational, civic, social, or cultural purposes. The school will be available between the hours of 7 AM and 11 PM. It should be understood the Historical Society and Rose Hill Rustler’s 4H retains priority use. We ask those using the facility to refrain from taping or nailing decoration to walls, flooring, or wood. There must be an adult present for every 5 minor attendees. Food and drink is allowed but it is the responsibility of the group hosting the meeting. No lit candles or incense may be used. Alcohol and tobacco use is not allowed on museum property. No group using the building is to imply or represent in any way their activity is sponsored by the Rose Hill Historical Society without express written consent of the society.

In order to apply for using the school the following form must be filled out as completely as possible. No set charge is applied, but a donation for maintenance and utilities is appreciated. We ask that you leave the building just as you found it. The group using the school is responsible for damage done. Capacity may not exceed 40 people. Click here to download and print a paper version of the application.

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