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The Rose Hill Historical Society is very excited to start a new chapter at the Museum. We were offered an interest-free loan from members and long-time benefactors. One that we just cannot turn down.

As you are probably aware, we are in possession (thank you in part to Matt Bates) of the old 1930’s delivery truck from the Harris Farm Supply. This business was in Rose Hill from December of 1920 until April of 1972. The truck is currently being stored on the Linot farm simply because we have nowhere to store, protect and display this fine part of our history.

In addition, we have an old buggy once used by Lavina (Mrs. Elvin) Cox on her trips to the Friends Church. This was used by her and the family in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It too is being stored in a place where it can be protected from the elements.

We have had an offer of items from the Mulvane Museum, which they are currently storing for us, a loom that is in working order that would be marvelous for demonstrations, a train dash board for display, and a very large safe from the Harris building. There is just no place to protect these items and display them to our public.

Mark and Virginia Alley had a Military Museum when they resided in Missouri. They have the proceeds from the sale of that museum, as they have returned to the area to be near family and to help us with our many projects in the Society. They have offered the proceeds from that sale to build a new building. We have signed a contract with them to borrow the money to construct a large building on the land at 106 S Main in Rose Hill behind the current Museum. We are excited and scared at the same time, as this is a big undertaking for a “business” that functions solely on donation and grants.

OK, you have been waiting for it and here it is. We need your help and support. Not only financially but also mental, physical and/or spiritually. We not only need your donations and pledges to build this building but also to continue the upkeep and renovation of the old house that has our Museum. We have several ways you can help. Prayers are appreciated and help on those 2nd and 4th Saturdays that we are open are also nice.

We are starting on some big fundraisers as well. We are hoping to have a couple of sports baskets to raffle off during Fall Festival and Hometown Christmas. The first will be a Kansas State Football basket. We hope to find a way to procure 4 tickets to a Kansas State football game and possibly a gift card to a restaurant in Manhattan, a gas card and miscellaneous items like t-shirts or sweatshirts, cups, pens, any K-State items. If you have connections, financial means or just want to purchase and donate any of those items that would be wonderful to kick-start our basket. We did get in touch with the athletic department at K-State and they cannot donate the tickets, but can sell us 4 tickets to the Texas game in October for $199. We want to do the same for a Kansas basketball game for some time in January so we can continue that raffle through Hometown Christmas. The proceeds from these two raffles will help to pay-off the loan for the building.

Another way you can help is by making a pledge or flat donation. The entrance to this building will have a wall that provides for a number of plaques. These plaques will be the home for brass plates with the names of people donating money to this endeavor or in memory of those we have lost. This will forever be on display to show how you, our supporters, made this space possible. I have attached a pledge form. I ask that you include your email or phone number at the bottom in case I need to get in touch with you. There will be 4 levels of contribution. The higher the contribution the larger the brass plate. The levels will be $100-500, $500-1000, $1000-2500, $2500-5000.

We do hope we can count on your assistance, support and contributions.

Cindy Bradford

Current Layout Plans

Progress Pictures

The Rose Hill Reporter Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017

Construction Work Continues On New Display Building

Things are moving and expanding at the Rose Hill Historical Museum. The new year rang in with a new slate of officers as well as new building being constructed.

President Keith Cox and vice-president Janis Linot held their positions along with secretary Janie Barnard. Cindy Bradford took over the treasurer’s position from Marion Futhey who had executed those responsibilities for the past nine years. Becky Rierson also replaced Craig Linot as a new board member.

A new structure is taking shape behind the museum that will soon house the large display items that have been in storage due to lack of space. The old Harris Farm Truck,
antique buggy and hand loom will finally be available for viewing among other items.

Construction began in mid December of 2016 on the 40’x60’ building which will include a genealogy lab, restroom, small kitchen, 40’x28’ up- stairs level, a 20’x40’ banquet room and a 28’x40’ exhibit room and workshop when completed. The new facility will be connected to the museum via a covered walkway.

The initial building phase will include only the shell of the building and cement work, done by general contractor Alfredo Delatorre of Suburban Builders.

The design group of Cox, Mark Alley, Marion Futhey, Cindy Bradford, Daryl Futhey and Craig Linot met and made a preliminary decision on the exterior paint scheme of red and ivory to match the museum. The interior walls will be wainscotted and a stairway will lead up to a second floor loft. Windows will be set high in the walls for the sake of security.

The main structure has been completed including the cement work and bracing has been added for the upper level. The conduit was also laid for the electrical and sewer. Once the metal skin and roof have been put up, Brad Bradford of Loper CI will begin to rough in the electrical work. Completion is anticipated in approximately two months or less depending on the weather.

There were some design changes to the bathroom to meet all of the ADA requirements and the furnace room was enlarged.

A loan for $50,000 was drawn up with Alley who supplied the funding and several fundraising projects are scheduled throughout the year to help meet the loan payments.

Fundraising chairperson Rierson presented several projects beginning with a soup supper at the Rose Hill Rec. Center Saturday, March 4 from 5 to 8 p.m. It will include a silent auction, a grab bag raffle and other prizes as well as a guest speaker.

A benefit car show is being organized for Saturday, May 6 from 6 a.m to 4 p.m. in the Wee Rockets parking lot. Children’s categories will also be included.

T-shirts are being designed with pictures of the original Rose Hill buildings that will be available for a $15 donation. Vehicle raffle tickets will also be sold for $10 during the year for the December drawing of a $25,000 vehicle.